Men’s Kahiko 2009


6 responses to “Men’s Kahiko 2009

  1. Fun video and impressive dancing. Those boys are built! I’m accustomed to seeing female hula dancers, so some explanatory text about the role of male dancers and the significance of that performance would be helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Incredible dancing. These guys, big as they are, are as graceful as…well…female hula dancers! I agree with the post above. It’d be nice to have some sort of explanation of the significance of the dance, even a running text commentary about what each of the actions mean.

    Really interesting!

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  4. I love watching this v ideo. Can’t stop dancing and wishing I can be there

  5. Okay. I’m beginning to think that one of these days I’m going to have to actually LEAVE the Honolulu airport and visit the islands. (I’ve now been on Hawaii eight times — but always on the way to somewhere else!)

    Thanks for this taste of island life.

    • It’s interesting to see traditional Hawaiian dancing and make comparisons with traditional Maori dancing from New Zealand. The Maoris on their ocean migration to New Zealand many centuries ago passed through Hawaii and would have been influenced by what they observed in their travels.

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