Men’s hula kahiko

I’m glad everyone enjoyed the men’s hula kahiko vidoe below. I had questions about the dance so I thought I’d postmore information and the winner for 2009.  Originally the dancers were men. has the full list of winners and their pionts.  Its important to know that dancers scores for both kahiko (ancient) and auana (modern) dance are combined for the overall score. So both types of dance must great not just one or the other.

O’Brian Eselu’s men’s hula kahiko (ancient hula) is a procreation dance.

Very well done, in fact, they won first place the kane (men’s) overall.

The first place overall wahine (women’s) group was Halau Na Mamo O Pu’uanahula.  First place Miss Aloha hula (solo woman’s hula) was Cherissa Henoheanapuaikawaokele Kane.

Winners 2009:

Overall Brian O’Eselu’s Ke Kai O Kahiki halau won.


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Men’s Kahiko 2009

Wow! Great Kahiko hula

Wow – great kahiko hula (ancient Hawiian dance) tonight.  Its intermission and already we’ve seen several kinds of kahiko hula from the dance with knee drums and a sitting hula.

All the costumes are incredible and each relate to the dance’s topic or location.  I had  not seen a group color their hair (grey) to give meaning to the dance.

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Eugene Jarrett has a nice write up on yesterday’s Miss Aloha hula’s winner.Gr

Great commentary.